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Candidates Requirements for Cargo sales agents of Uzbekistan Airways

Cargo sales agents of JSC “Uzbekistan Airways” may be a legal entity:

  • registered in proper order;
  • possessing a confirmation-certificate* of the relevant professional qualifications in the field of freight transport and handling of goods for their air shipping;

* Valid certificates can be issued by IATA and JSC Training Center.

  • having a license (permit) for the relevant type of activity, if it is provided by the legislation of the operating state.

Qualification and technological requirements:

Agent has responsibility for:

  • having staff, consisting out of at least 2 qualified specialists;
  • having space and work in at least one office/organization/agency, and also
  • for having the equipment necessary for work;
  • having proper insurance to cover its liability for loss or damage of shipment.

Agent assignment procedures:

Submission of the application in the prescribed form by the applicant to JSC "Uzbekistan Airways". Also to be attached package-application of notarized copies of the following documents to the application:

  • Articles of association;
  • Certificate of registration;
  • License or certificates for the right to engage in cargo sale and cargo handling;
  • Documents confirming the qualification of personnel in the field of organizing the sale of air cargo transportation. If there are sub-agents – copies of similar documents of subagents;

a) for organization/sale of cargo transportation – 2 people.

b) for the safe transport of dangerous goods – 2 people.

  • Notice of Candidate's financial status (accounting balance-sheet and a document confirming the absence of accounts payable/receivables);
  • Premises lease agreement;