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Uzbekistan Helicopters LLC

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Uzbekistan Helicopters Limited Liability Company was organized in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 27.11.2018. No. UP-5584 "On measures for cardinal improvement of civil aviation of the Republic of Uzbekistan", as the legal successor of the State Unitary Enterprise "Airline of Special Aviation Works", which operated in the aviation services market of the Republic of Uzbekistan since 1997.

Uzbekistan Helicopters LLC as a structural subdivision is part of Uzbekistan Airways JSC.

Uzbekistan Helicopters LLC has valid Certificates of the Operator and the Maintenance Organization issued by the Agency "Uzaviation".

Currently, Uzbekistan Helicopters LLC has a fleet of Mi-8MTV-1 helicopters, and in mid-2021, delivery of H125 and H130 helicopters manufactured by AIRBUS HELICOPTERS is expected.

The location of the helicopters is LLC "Tashkent International Airport named after I.Karimov".

Uzbekistan Helicopters LLC provides the following types of helicopter services:

transportation of passengers;
cargo transportation inside the fuselage and on an external suspension;
transport and communication works
construction and installation works and loading and unloading;
flights to provide medical assistance to the population and conduct sanitary measures;
experimental and research work;
patrolling of gas and oil pipelines;
forest aviation works;
parachutists and cargo landing;
aerovisual, aerial photography, search and survey flights;
overflight of farmland,
sightseeing flights;
Heliski flights;
Helibike flights are
special flights in the interests of ministries and departments.
maintenance of MI-8MTV-1 helicopters
The crews of Uzbekistan Helicopters LLC are first–class pilots with extensive experience in various climatic conditions, mountainous and high-altitude areas.

The engineering and technical staff of Uzbekistan Helicopters LLC ensures the maintenance of airworthiness and high-quality maintenance of helicopters according to all forms of Regulations.