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Uzbekistan Airways Technics aircraft maintenance enterprise (UAT)

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General information:

Uzbekistan Airways Technics aircraft maintenance enterprise (UAT) is a structural unit of the Uzbekistan Airways JSC, which has more than 90 years of experience in the maintenance and repair of aircrafts, engines and components. The UAT modern complex performs maintenance and repair of such aircrafts as the Boeing 757/767/787, Airbus 300/310/318/319/320/321 and their components.

Favorable geographical location of the Uzbekistan Airways Technics aircraft maintenance enterprise on the territory adjacent to the Tashkent international airport allows to receive, store, maintain and repair the aircrafts of any class. UAT Hangar aprons are connected to the Taxi Ways of Tashkent International airport in the name of Islam Karimov.

Give us a call and we will tell you about the full spectrum of works performed on all types of aircrafts. Welcome!



Uzbekistan Airways Technics (UAT) was established on November 12, 1924, when the Dobrolet Aviation Community launched the first aircraft maintenance workshops. The workshops provided maintenance services of K-4 and K-5 single-engine aircrafts, German Junker and Forman aircrafts, Junker and BMW aircraft engines. In 1937 Aircraft Repair Plant №243 of Civil Aviation, created on this basis repaired such types of aircrafts as: ANT-9, F-5, P-5, G-l, G-2, K-4, K-5, U-2, BMV-123A and L -5 engines. Later on, the maintenance of TB-3, Li-2 and M-17, M-34, ASH-62IR engines was mastered.

After the war the plant was equipped with new equipment for the production of civilian goods. For many years, in addition to Il-12, Il-14 and Yak-12 plant was specialized in the repair of the long-haul aircraft Il-62, transport aircraft Il-76, the first wide-body Il-86 aircraft, AI-25 engines and TA-6, TA-6A, TA-8 auxiliary power units.

After the war the plant was equipped with new equipment for the production of civilian goods. For many years, in addition to Il-12, Il-14 and Yak-12 plant was specialized in the repair of the long-haul aircraft Il-62, transport aircraft Il-76, the first wide-body Il-86 aircraft, AI-25 engines and TA-6, TA-6A, TA-8 auxiliary power units.

With the acquisition by the Uzbekistan Airways JSC air carrier of techniques of the Western production – the Airbus 310, the Boeing 757/767 and BAe146/AVRO146-RJ, aroused a need of development and maintenance, and in 1997 on the basis of the plant was established a centre for the maintenance of Western technique. As early as in 1998 the first in Central Asia C-check on one of the aircraft Airbus 310 was executed. Starting from the 1999 is performed maintenance in the C-check quantity of the aircrafts Boeing 767 and BAe146/AVRO146-RJ, and since 2000 – aircraft Boeing 757.

In 2002, the plant № 243 of Civil aviation was renamed into Uzbekistan Airways Technics aviation enterprise, and in 2006 it was complemented with the State unitary enterprise aviation technical complex, performing the maintenance of the aircrafts of Eastern production.

Having received some new aircrafts of the Airbus 320 type in November 2010, the professionals of UAT have performed the first A-check maintenance on the aircraft type, and in 2011 – С-check maintenance.

In 2016 on the basis of UAT was put into operation a workshop for the repair of composite aircraft components for the aircrafts of the latest generation, including Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Production capacity.

The production areas of UAT include:

1. Aircraft maintenance and repair complex.

The area of aircraft MR facility (hangars area) is 17'280 square meters and can accommodate three wide-body aircraft. The facility provides MR of Boeing-757/767, Airbus 300/310/318/ 319/320/321, in accordance with MRB and MPD.

Hangars are equipped with a complete set of the ground equipment - calibration equipment to test aircraft systems, lifts and elevators manufactured by Hydro, JLG and Haulotte, providing free access to any aircraft.


2. Aircraft painting hangar.

The painting hangar is equipped with universal docks which provide free access to any type of aircraft. The painting is executed with a use of polyurethane enamels produced by the world's leading companies, and on customer's request - enamels produced in Russia, if requested by the aircraft type blueprints. Upon customer request the selection of colors (according to the Boeing standards, RAL standard, etc.) is also available.

3. MR facility of the components of Western production


- MR site of wheels and carbon/steel brakes of Safran Landing Systems, UTC aerospace, Honeywell, Meggitt Aircraft Braking System  manufacturers for Boeing 757/767/787, Airbus 300/310/318/319/320/321 aircrafts;

- MR site for electrical equipment, including Saft, Varta (Hawker GmbH), Thales batteries; Diehl, Honeywell, Radiant Power Corp., LSI batteries for emergency lighting, and starter-generators produced by the company Thales;

- site for repair of the rescue equipment, slide-rafts, tanks for inflating the slide- rafts and life jackets  such as Eastern Aero Marine, Air Cruisers, Goodrich, Switlik Parachute, Hoover Industries;


- repair for the land-based sources of power supply of the aircraft ;

- maintenance and repair site of household electrical equipment and avionics, which produces repair and maintenance of coffeemakers, ovens manufactured by B/E Aerospace and Sell.

On the ramp of  Tashkent airport are performed the following types of line technical maintenance of 300/310/318/319/320/321 Airbus, Boeing 757/767/787 aircrafts:

  • MTR (maintenance transit check);
  • Ramp check, Daily check;
  • Service check;
  • Weekly check;
  • elimination of defects and the LRU replacement with subsequent tests.

Any types of line maintenance for Il-76TD, Il-114-100 aircrafts are executed.

4. Aircraft soft equipment workshop.

Workshop for production of the interior provides customers with next services in certified materials:

  • sewing slipcovers;
  • production of curtains and fabric bulkheads for aircraft cabins;
  • carpet cutting/installation;
  • sewing soft equipment for aircraft;
  • manufacture of all other sewing products on the Customer's request for all types of aircraft;

5. Basic metrological service and chemical-analytical laboratory.


One of the guarantors of the high quality of the services offered by the enterprise is the BASIC METROLOGICAL SERVICE, equipped with the modern standard measurement means and having a certificate of accreditation issued by the National Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Uzstandart Agency) for the right to perform verification of more than 100 types of measuring instruments for general use and about 300 kinds of special measuring instruments.

Chemical analytical laboratory carries out incoming inspection of materials used in the repair and maintenance of aircraft, produces analyses for compliance with regulatory and technical documents, all types of used chemical liquids, oils, greases and fuels.

6. Workshop on repair of airframe and composite aircraft components.

The shop is equipped with the latest equipment, including: a furnace with an inert atmosphere for heat treatment of titanium alloys, furnace for bonding composites and equipment to perform inspections of the fuselage surface with NDT methods. All this allows to carry out repair and inspection of large metallic and composite elements of the design of the latest generation - AIRBUS and Boeing, including the Dreamliner.

7. Trained and certified staff performs inspection of aircraft components with the following methods of non-destructive testing (NDT):

 - paints method (with portable and stationary equipment of Magnaflux company);

- magnetic method;

- eddy-current method (Hocking portable flaw detectors);

- ultrasonic method (Krautkramer portable flaw detectors);

- resonance method (multi-mode portable testers of composite materials Staveley BondMaster 1000);

- fluoroscopy (Seifert portable equipment);

- thermography (portable equipment of the FLIR company).

8. External and internal cleaning workshop.

Performs external and internal cleaning of the aircraft and removes components with the application of materials approved by the manufacturers of the aircraft; prepares the parts for repair and painting.

9. Engineering department of aircraft maintenance centre the engineering department performs the following services:

  • Aircraft and Engine Manufacturers documentation (AOT, SIL, SB, AD AOW, ASB) evaluation and statuses;
  • Airworthiness Authority documentation (AD, prescription) evaluation and statuses;
  • Engine condition monitoring program;
  • Development and tracking repair statuses of aircraft and engine (Damage logbook and preparation and development);
  • Maintenance program preparation and revisions;
  • Job cards preparation;
  • Engineering Order preparation;
  • Aircraft reliability report preparation;
  • Work package Planning administration;
  • Aircraft Life Limit Parts (LLP) administration;
  • Engine LLP administration;
  • Development of NEF, ETOPS, and MRL programs;
  • Development and tracking the RELIABILITY PROGRAM;
  • Collection, processing, analysis and storage of information about aircraft and engine operating parameters, about failures and malfunctions;
  • Other Engineering Support on Customer request.


Strictly following the requirements of aircraft manufacturers and aviation authorities, UAT performs the following activities:

- all forms of linear and base maintenance of aircraft:

Boeing 757/767;

Airbus 300/310/318/319/320/321;

- linear maintenance of the arcrafts:

Boeing 787;



- maintenance of AI-25 aircraft engines and their components;

- repair of the APU TA-6A, TA-6B and their components;

- implementation of the RVR on the aircraft An-2 in the volume of AN-2/3-13 list;

- execution of works on replacement of engines and APU on Boeing 757/767,

Airbus 300/310/318/319/320/321;

- execution of works on replacement of the chassis on Boeing-757/767, Airbus 318/319/320/321 aircrafts;

- execution of works on replacement of chassis landing gear strut seal on the Boeing-757/767, Airbus 300/310/318/319/320/321;

- disassembly/assembly of engine pylons on Boeing-757/767, Airbus 300/310/318/319/320/321;

- repair of metal and composite airframes on Boeing 757/767/787, Airbus 318/319/320/321 directly on the aircraft;

- repair of nose fairing of Boeing 757/767/787, Airbus 318/319/320/321 aircrafts;

- repair of a composite structure flight controls of the aircraft Boeing-757/767, Airbus 300/310/318/319/320/321 such as flaps, slats, spoilers, rudders and elevators;

- repair of fuel tanks, including the wiring replacement inside the fuel tanks;

- execution of works on inspection of the aircraft and its components by nondestructive methods (NDT);

- implementation of service bulletins for the modernization of avionics and navigation equipment on Boeing 757/767 and Airbus 300/310/318/319/320/321 aircrafts, as well as performing modifications for the installation of systems, FANS-1/A (SATCOM, ADS-C, ACARS, CPDLC), ATN/VDL MODE 2, FANS-2/B+;

- modification of systems and airframes of Boeing 757/767, Airbus 300/310/318/319/320/321 aircrafts in accordance with the requirements of airworthiness directives and service bulletins;

- weighing of Boeing 757/767, Airbus 300/310/318/319/320/321, Il-76TD aircrafts with the preparation of Aircraft Weighing Report;

- Performance of work to extend Life Time and Service Life Period of aircraft, components, evaluation of its condition by manufacturers program;

- maintenance and repair of wheels, carbon and steel brakes manufactured bySafran Landing Systems, UTC aerospace, Honeywell, Meggitt Aircraft Braking System for Boeing 757/767/787, Airbus 300/310/318/319/320/321;

- maintenance and repair of emergency equipment: ladder-rafts and tanks to inflate the ramp-rafts and life jackets, manufactured by the Eastern Aero Marine, Air Cruisers, Goodrich, Switlik Parachute, Hoover Industries;

- maintenance and repair of Saft, Varta (Hawker GmbH), Thales batteries;emergency lighting batteries manufactured by Diehl, Honeywell, Radiant Power Corp., LSI, and starter-generators produced by the company Thales;

- maintenance and repair of coffeemakers and ovens manufactured by B/E Aerospace, Sell;

- repair/upgrade of the soft equipment for the aircrafts (carpets, blankets, curtains, drapes, etc.);

- external and internal cleaning of all types of aircraft;

- interior and exterior painting of all types of aircraft with advanced complete removal of old paintwork;

- anticorrosion composition, removal of corrosion;

- recycling and disposal of equipment containing precious metals;

- metrological support of production (calibration, repair, C, C certification of special and test equipment);

- incoming inspection of materials (chemicals, coatings, fuel) and components;

- custom manufacture of tools and equipment.


High qualification of the aerotechnical personnel of UAT meets the requirements of ICAO, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA PART-66 and 145) and European norms (EN4179).

The airline staff was training and internship from the manufacturers of aviation equipment and Western training centers:

- Lufthansa Technical Training;

- British Aerospace;

- Monarch Aircraft Engineering Training;

- Airbus Industries;

- Boeing;

- Bureau Veritas;

- Michelin;

- International School of Aerospace NDT Ltd.;

- Air UK Technical College;

B/E Aerospace;

- Diehl;


- Air Cruisers;

- CAE Aviation Training B. V., etc.

The qualification of certifying staff meet the requirements of EASA Part-66 and 145 to the categories A/B/C.



The quality of work and safety to serve aeronautical engineering are top priorities of UAT and they are defined by the Maintenance Organization Exposition (MOE), Quality Manual and Guide to safety management.



The right of UAT to implement maintenance and repair of aircraft and its units is confirmed by certificates issued by European, international and national organizations:

  • European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA);
  • Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation (BDCA);
  • Aviaregister of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC AR);
  • Federal Air Transport Agency of Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation (Rosaviation);
  • State Inspection of the Republic of Uzbekistan for flight safety supervision (Gosavianadzor);
  • Committee of Civil aviation under the Ministry of transport and communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • The state service for supervision and regulation in the field of transport under the Ministry of transport of the Republic of Tajikistan.

UAT is a part of Uzbekistan Airways, which is registered as an IOSA operator that meets the requirements of IATA Operational Safety Audit Programme.


UAT has conducted base maintenance of aircraft of such airlines as:

  • Ural airlines JSC (Russia);
  • Rossiya Airlines OJSC (Russia);
  • VIM-AVIA Airline LLC (Russia);
  • SCAT Airline JSC (Kazakhstan);
  • Tatarstan Airline OJSC (Russia);
  • Yamal Airline OJSCs (Russia);
  • Siberia Airline (S7) OJSC (Russia);
  • Air Astana JSC (Kazakhstan);
  • Tajik air OJSC (Tajikistan);
  • Air Italy Airline (Italy);
  • Iceland Air Airline (Iceland);
  • Turkmenkhovaellary Airlines (Turkmenistan).

Partners for technical support for our airline in the maintenance of aircraft of Western production are such world famous companies as:

  • Airbus Industrie;
  • Boeing Company;
  • Lufthansa Technik;
  • British Aerospace;
  • Pratt & Whitney;
  • Safran Landing System;
  • UTC Aerospace;
  • CFM;
  • AJW;
  • Honeywell etc.


Address: Tashkent, 100167, Aviagorodok.

1. Director of UAT aircraft maintenance enterprise

Kiyasov Ulugbek Mahmudkaliyevich

Tel.: +(998 71) 254 18 50

Fax: +(998 71) 255 68 22

E-mail: common@airtech.uz

E-mail: ulugbek.kiyasov@uzairways.com

Schedule of citizens reception:

Tuesday from 08:00 to 11:00

2. Deputy Director on operation of UAT 

Margachyov Andrey Vladimirovich

Tel.: (+998 71) 254 24 02

Fax: +(998 71) 255 16 78

E-mail: andrey.margachov@uzairways.com

Schedule of citizens reception:

Thursday from 08:00 to 11:00

3. Deputy Director on quality of UAT 

Kosov Valery Mitrofanovich

Tel.: +(998 71) 215 77 40

Fax: +(998 71) 255 16 78

E-mail: valeriy.kosov@uzairways.com

Schedule of citizens reception:

Friday from 08:00 to 11:00

4. Chief of service for the mode and security

Zyryanov Vladislav S.

Schedule of citizens reception:

Monday from 08:00 to 11:00.

5. Managing director of the center of western-made aircraft maintenance of UAT

Klebleev Gani Rustamovich

Tel.: (+998 71) 254 44 50

Fax: (+998 71) 254 44 50

E-mail: gain.klebleyev@uzairways.com

6. Machine shop manager of line service of the center of western – made aircraft maintenance of UAT

Salimov Sergei Martievich

Tel.: (+998 71) 255 28 90

Fax: (+998 71) 133 41 06

E-mail: sergey.salimov@uzairways.com

7. Managing director on overseas relations of UAT

Miroshnichenko Irina Alexandrovna

Tel.: (+998 71) 255 50 59

Fax: (+998 71) 255 50 59

E-mail: contract.department@uat.uz

8. Head of the centre for logistics AP UAT

Zaitseva Svetlana Mikhailovna

Tel: (+998 71) 255 48 89

9. The chief of Department on work with staff

Karabanov Oleg V.

Tel: (+998 71) 255-68-23

Fax: (+998 71) 255-68-23

email: orp@airtech.uz

Schedule of citizens reception: Monday-Friday from 08:00 to 11:00.