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Requirements for an agent selling air transportation on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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The applicant must have its own or rented office with a total area at least 12 square meters, where:

  • there are conditions for organizing the sale of air transportation;
  • the relevant sanitary and hygienic and safety requirements for public and commercial premises intended for individual customer service are met;
  • it is possible to place informational and promotional materials of the airline;
  • there are securely locked entrances and exits, reinforced and protected window frames, means for secure storage of documents and cash proceeds;
  • it is possible to place workplaces for personnel, equipped with all necessary terminal and technological equipment;
  • there is an entrance area, marked with a signboard with the agent's own name, information about the office hours and the name of the airline(s) on behalf of which the sale of transportation is carried out, indicating the working hours and contact numbers, but such offices should not be designated as the offices of the airline or the branch of "Uzbekistan airways sales".

The applicant must not have use the name similar to “Uzbekistan Airways” JSC, other airlines and/or official international or state air transport organizations and departments, and must not use the Carrier's logo as its own when designating its sales offices, letterheads, advertising materials and own website or mobile application.

The name(s) under which the applicant will operate, or under which any of its offices will operate, must be the name(s) that will appear on the agency agreement signed.

The location of the applicant's office, declared as the place of performance of functions for the sale of transportation, must be the actual place of its permanent location (legal address) and should not be designated as the office of “Uzbekistan Airways” JSC.