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For agents

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Uzbekistan airways Agency Debit Memo Policy for All BSP Accredited Agents

To all HY agencies/general agencies, accredited agencies of IATA BSP, TCH

In accordance with the Law of Foreigners in France from 7 March 2016 determined the amount of penalties on carriers. In the case of mistakes when checking HY passengers documents following to France the penalty to be applied in the amount of 10 000 euros. Also a penalty applies in case of non-payment of expenses for the stay of INAD passengers in France (in the sterile area) and the rejection of return of INAD passengers.

Inform for usage at work.

To all HY agencies/general agencies, accredited agencies of IATA BSP, TCH

According to notification requirement for connection to «API – PNR France system» (submitting passport data of  passengers and member crew, departing on HY flights to/from France), received information from French Homeland Security that,  bookings on flights HY251/252 lack of necessary and mandatory information of passengers.

As result of, hereby inform that from 1st of  February 2017 it is necessary to carry out passengers passport information in SSR:DOCS format to HY flights on direction of Tashkent-Paris-Tashkent.  

In pursuance of Republic of Uzbekistan Cabinet Minister’s Resolution it is necessary to provide to the united database of Cabinet of Ministers with correct information regarding passengers, who travel to/from Republic of Uzbekistan by means of Uzbekistan Airways. Passenger’s data should be provided in DOCS formats.

Important requirements to fill in passport data in DOCS-P format:

  • Fill in correct surname and name;
  • Sequence of filling in surname and name;
  • Fill in surname and name completely, short fill in of name is not permitted (“I” instead of “IKRAM”);
  • Fill in correctly important boxes, as “passport issuing country”, “passport numbers”, “passport validity”, “nationality”, “date of birth”, “gender”, “surname”, “name”;
  • Fill in completely passport numbers;
  • NOT permitted to unite name and surname parts;
  • NOT permitted to add prefixes as Mr., Mrs., Miss, Dr., etc.