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UZBEKISTAN AIRWAYS JSC invites eligible companies to submit proposals for maintenance services for the Pilatus PC-24 aircraft

18 May 2022
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Detailed technical specifications are presented in the attached Terms of Reference.

Any legal entities, both residents and non-residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan, of any form of ownership, with the right to carry out their activities, can participate in the competition, except for legal entities, that:

- are undergoing reorganization, liquidation or bankruptcy;

- have absence of overdue debts on payment of taxes and fees;

- are on the Uniform Registry of Unscrupulous Performers;

- are in litigation or arbitration with the "Employer";

- whose founders are the same legal entities and individuals;

- are registered in states or territories that provide preferential tax treatment and/or do not provide for disclosure and provision of information in carrying out financial transactions (offshore zones), as well as having accounts in banks located in offshore zones.

Contact persons for contacting participants:

Procurement Department of JSC "Uzbekistan airways", 100167, Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Tashkent International Airport named after Islam Karimov tel/fax: +(998-71) 255-05-51, e-mail: procurement@uzairways.com, Abdulaziz.Mavlyanov@uzairways.com Procurement Department Engineer Mavlyanov A.A.

Date and time of the deadline for submission of proposals by the participants:

24-05-2022 at 18:52 Tashkent time.

Requirements for the preparation of the proposal:

Proposals of the participants must be executed in accordance with the requirements of this procurement documentation, on the official letterhead of the company with the seal and signature of the head of the company. All documents must be sent through the website of the online lot, exposed on the official platform of public procurement at the link: https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/87672

The validity period of the commercial proposal must be at least 30 calendar days.

Additional requirements:

Proposals that do not meet the requirements of the procurement documents for the selection are rejected and not evaluated by the procurement committee.

The deadline for providing clarifications is two days before the deadline for accepting proposals, as indicated in the announcement on the special information portal for public procurement. Questions on clarifications are accepted in written form by e-mail address:



160,000 USD. The bids of the participants at the price exceeding the starting price shall be rejected by the Procurement Commission.

Proposals of the participants with the price exceeding the starting price shall be rejected by the procurement commission and shall not be considered.

Point system. Passing point: 70/100

1. AOG response time: Maximum period for technicians/engineers to come in AOG situation after request must be not longer than 72 hours.

2. Price list with rates: Existence of regular flights from JSC "Uzbekistan Airways" to the supplier's country (location of service provision).

3. Existence of regular flights from JSC "Uzbekistan Airways" to the supplier's country (location of service provision): Make sure that regular flights from JSC "Uzbekistan Airways" to the supplier's country (location of service provision) exist. You may check through the website: https://www.uzairways.com/en/map

4. Service Center organization certificates: Provide a Certificate of an authenticated service center issues by your local aviation authorities or/and the European Union.

5. Location of the service center: The exact geographic location of the service center location where the maintenance works are undertaken as it is necessary for calculating the distance (transportation expenses).

Proposals sent by e-mail will not be accepted for consideration.

The participant of the selection is responsible for the authenticity and reliability of the information and documents provided.

Partial proposals are not allowed.

Procurement documentation

Download PDF