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List of documents for agents selling air transportation on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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Application form

For the conclusion of an agency agreement an applicant must provide copies of the following documents to “Uzbekistan Airways Sales”:

  • the charter of the enterprise and a copy of the passport of the head of the enterprise;
  • memorandum of association and a copy of the passport of the founder/founders;
  • certificate of state registration;
  • a license for the right to engage in tourism activities (for travel agencies), if the presence of such license is provided for by the legislation of the country in which the agent operates;
  • statement of financial performance, balance sheet and cash flow statement based on the results of operations for the previous year, if the Applicant's organization has been operating for more than a 1 year;
  • documents confirming the qualifications of personnel in the field of organizing the sale of air transportation;
  • sample of letterhead with imprints of all available seals (if any).
  • photographs of the office (facade, signboard and interior of the premises intended for customer service).

The original letter on the current status of the bank account on the letterhead of the bank, indicating current accounts and MFIs shall be also provided.

The applicant shall submit a completed application in established form signed by the applicant’s head and a complete set of scanned documents in PDF format (in one file) to the e-mail address corp.sales@uzairways.com indicated on the JSC website.

After receipt of the application and the set of documents required, if the package of documents provided is found to be incomplete, the Applicant is informed abount necessity to complete the package, as the absence of the documents required may be the basis for refusing the application consideration. After receiving and checking the package of documents, a message about acceptance of the application and the documents attached to it for consideration will be sent to the Applicant.