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Request for Proposals for the employment of foreign specialists (incl. home landers) at the position of Director of the Department of Tariffs and Commercial Agreements of “Uzbekistan Airways” JSC on company development

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I. Company Brief Information

Company Name

“Uzbekistan Airways” JSC

Organizational and Legal Form

Joint-stock company

Company Establishment Date

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated November 27, 2018 No.УП-5584 “On measures to gradually improve the civil aviation of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, “Uzbekistan Airways” National Air Company was transformed to “Uzbekistan Airways” JSC.

Information about Shareholders

100% owned by “Uzbekistan Airways” JSC

Area of Specialisation

Managing Commercial Activities

Official web-site


II. Advisor’s Main Tasks

Main regulatory documents

·     Air Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan

·     Charter of “Uzbekistan Airways” JSC.

·     Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan  
“On companies with Joint-stock”

Scope of Competence  
of the Advisor

The competences of Director of the Department of Tariffs and Commercial Agreements of “Uzbekistan Airways” JSC will include:

·     Enhancing the efficiency of “Uzbekistan Airways” tariff policy and revenue management.

·     Contributing to development of Interline fares within the framework of Special Prorate Agreements (SPA).

·     Promoting company presence (participation) at international meetings of IATA Tariff coordinating conferences, as well as at face-to-face negotiations with representatives of foreign airlines and other institutions in regards to tariff issues.

·     Enforcing compliance with international law, provisions of international treaties in civil aviation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

·     Ensuring the drafts’ approval of Air Service Agreements, its modifications and amendments.

·     Ensuring the fulfillment of “Uzbekistan Airways” obligations under the terms of international agreements (ASA, Interline, SPA, Code Share etc.).

·     Enhancing “Uzbekistan Airways” performance in the terms of existing Interline and Codeshare agreements by means of network extension, passenger flow and revenue increase, supporting the development of new beneficial Interline and Codeshare partnerships with foreign carriers.

·     Maintaining development of “Uzbekistan Airways” activity in the areas of tourism.

·     Ensuring the elaboration of travel packages for Uzbekistan Airways.

·     Coordinating “Uzbekistan Airways” representative offices’ activity abroad.

·     Ensuring the participation of department staff in international meetings with colleagues from partner-airlines and other organizations.

III. Requirements to Candidates for Director of the Department of Tariffs and Commercial Agreements of “Uzbekistan Airways” JSC

Educational Requirements

Higher education.

Bachelor’s or master’s degree in the field of:

·     maintaining international relations in civil aviation;

·     competitiveness  management;

·     arranging airline commercial activity;

·     international transport logistics;

·     operating in global distribution systems (GDS) – Amadeus, Sabre and others.

Doctors of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Doctors of Science (Sc.D., D.Sc., S.D. or Dr.Sc.) are welcome and will be obligatory taken into account during the interview.

Work Experience Requirements

At least 5 years of work in aviation  
companies in accordance with the areas of the applicant’s required education, including 2 years (at least) in managerial positions.

Language Skills

·     Russian and/or English (professional level);

·     Uzbek (welcomed).

IV. Terms of payment

Salary is determined after having an interview.

V. Application procedure

To apply to this RFP, a Candidate shall send his/her CV in Russian for the attention of the Chairman of the Board of “Uzbekistan Airways” Joint-Stock Company, Mr. Ilkhom MAKHKAMOV, by e-mail office.nac@uzairways.com by June 01, 2021.

After the application submission deadline, active members of Management Board and members of Supervisory Board of “Uzbekistan Airways” Joint-Stock Company will review the documents of candidates on the basis of a selection commission.

Candidate selection process is conducted through an interview (either a face to face interview or a video conference interview).