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Ketring Limited Liability Company is a structural subdivision of Uzbekistan Airways JSC equipped with modern specialized equipment. The capacity of the enterprise allows you to prepare thousands of portions of on-board meals, provide hot and cold dishes, a variety of drinks and fruits to the planes of all airlines landing at Tashkent airport. The technological equipment of Ketring includes 150 pieces of equipment, the international system "Gabriel", "SITA", AFTN, which allow you to receive information about passenger orders in the shortest possible time.


Business class passengers have the opportunity to choose dishes according to their own taste from the diet developed by Ketring specialists in accordance with international technological standards - from meat, fish, poultry. The oriental flavor of Uzbek cuisine is given by dried fruits: kishmish, dried apricots, nuts, etc., as well as an abundance of greens and vegetables in side dishes. Only on flights of Uzbekistan Airways JSC, you can try branded samsa baked in Ketring workshops. When preparing meals, the direction of the route, the preferences of passengers and their commitment to a particular cuisine are taken into account.

Information about the flight number, its direction, the number of passengers, including those who prefer vegetarian, kosher food (food rations prepared according to special codes), is sent to the operational dispatch department. There it is processed, and the order is distributed to the workshops. Preparation for each flight begins a few hours before the departure of the aircraft. During long flights, enhanced nutrition is provided.

Ketring LLC issues dishes prepared by deep freezing for some reverse directions. Shock freezing is the best natural method of extending the shelf life of products. Thus, Ketring LLC is always ready to satisfy the requests of passengers, both departing from Tashkent and transit - arriving from anywhere in the world.


Address: 100128 Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Sergeli district, Tashkent airport, KETRING LLC

Director - Majidov Alisher Abdurakhmanovich

Telephone: +998 78 140-45-00.

Reception of citizens: Monday- Friday, from 12:30 to 14:00

Phone: 215-61-34

Reception of citizens: Monday, Wednesday