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Information on the sales process of some “Uzbekistan Airways” JSC’s aircrafts

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According to an announcement released on January 23, 2023, the State Asset Management Agency (“Agency”), “Uzbekistan Airways” JSC reported that the stage of expressing of interest started for the acquisition of some aircrafts belonging to it.

Tender: https://corp.uzairways.com/en/implementation-aviation-equipment-0

ACC Aviation of the British company (hereinafter - Consultant) was hired as
a lead sales consultant.

As a result, given deadline:

For Lot 1:

  • Applications for expressions of interest for the sale received from 6 candidates;

For Lot 2:

  • Applications for expressions of interest for the sale received from 11 candidates;

Consultant analyzed the applicant's proposals on the requirements for this stage
of the sales process, including their financial performance, capacity to pay and on their recommendation 5 candidates (2 for Lot 1 and 3 for Lot 2) were taken for Binding offer for the next stage.

Candidates which Binding offers passed the next stage will be given the opportunity to review the technical and flight characteristics of the aircraft prepared by the Consultant. In addition, Candidates will have the opportunity to observe the relevant technical parts of the aircraft.

"Uzbekistan Airways" JSC, Agency and ACC Aviation are grateful to all candidates who interested in the sales process and submitted offers and will continue to cooperate constructively in the future process with candidates who have successfully passed the next stage of aircraft procurement in a transparent approach.

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