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How to protect yourself from ticket fraud

21 July 2021

In the course of the increase in cases of fraud with the purchase of air tickets, «Uzbekistan Airways» JSC reminds that you can purchase a ticket on the official website of the company, at the Uzbekistan Airways Sales branch or from the official agents of the airline.

You can check the authenticity of the ticket by calling the company's contact center at +998781400200, or following the link: https://www.uzairways.com/ru/check-tiket

Do not agree to a purchase if you are asked to transfer money to an individual's account and beware of questionable payment receipts sent in inappropriate electronic formats (for example, .doc)

If you do become a victim, immediately contact the law enforcement agencies, providing all evidence of illegal withdrawal of funds.  And also contact the representatives of the payment system that you used with a request to cancel the operation, if possible.

Uzbekistan Airways reminds you to pay attention:

  • for detailed information on the amounts of fares and fees paid for the ticket, as well as information on the total cost of the ticket and the currency of payment;
  • the name of the agency that issued the ticket must be indicated;
  • the number of the issued ticket must be indicated;
  • there must be information about the time of the end of registration, placement of passengers on board;
  • information on the need to familiarize yourself with the rules for the carriage of passengers and baggage of the airline and the source of such information.

Information service «Uzbekistan Airways»