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Selection of the best MRO for auxiliary power unit (“APU”) 131-9A for aircrafts A320/A321

12 July 2023
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JSC “Uzbekistan Airways” is happy to announce the start of the contest for the selection of the best MRO for auxiliary power unit (“APU”) 131-9A for aircrafts A320/A321. (“Contest”).


The aim of this Contest is to select an MRO auxiliary power unit (“APU”) 131-9A for aircrafts A320/A321 JSC “Uzbekistan Airways”s by signing the agreement.


14 working days from the date of publication on JSC “Uzbekistan Airways” official website.


The maximum cost for the repair APU 131-9A cannot exceed 400,000.00 USD.


In order to qualify for the contest please provide the documents specified in Appendix 1:

Please carefully read the Technical Task to this Contest. You must provide all the information and documents requested in these documents. When filling out the RFP please do not deviate from the document template. You may provide additional information and clarifications if necessary.


The final commercial offer must be submitted to the following email address ONLY: procurement@uzairways.com. When making a submission please attach all your files. You may resubmit your offer during the submission period, more than once. However, when you re-submit, please attach all the files again, as only your last email will be reviewed.

It is strictly prohibited to communicate directly with JSC “Uzbekistan Airways” personnel during the Contest period. Please send any questions regarding the Contest documentation and procedure during the submission period ONLY to procurement@uzairways.com. Questions sent after the submission period to procurement@uzairways.com will not be reviewed. Violating the above-mentioned rules will lead to disqualification.

Please provide your best offer within the submission timeframe, as after the deadline changes will not be allowed.

Please note that there will be no automatic confirmation email by JSC “Uzbekistan Airways” after you make a submission.

The commercial offers will be evaluated after the end of the submission period. The evaluation and winner selection will take a week or two, so please be patient. Every participant will be informed via email about the results of the contest.

Thank you for your interest in taking part in the contest!

We are looking forward to your commercial offers!

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