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Request for Proposals for foreign specialists’ employment (incl. home landers) at the Supervisory Board of “Uzbekistan Airways” Joint-Stock Company

20 February 2021
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I. Company Brief Information

Company Name

“Uzbekistan Airways” Joint-Stock Company

Organizational and Legal Form

Joint-stock company

Company Establishment Date

“Uzbekistan Airways” airways company  
was created in 1992 as a National Aviation Company “Uzbekistan Airways”. According  
to the Decree of the President of the Republic  
of Uzbekistan dated November 27, 2018 No.УП-5584 “On measures to gradually improve the civil aviation of the Republic  
of Uzbekistan” (available  
at https://lex.uz/ru/docs/4082764), “Uzbekistan Airways” Joint-Stock Company was created on the basis of the National Aviation Company “Uzbekistan Airways”. “Uzbekistan Airways” Joint-Stock Company was registered with the State Registry  
of Companies and Organisations on January 10, 2020 under the entry number 2720851.

Information about Shareholders

100% state-owned company (Republic of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Finance)

Area of Specialisation

Transportation of passengers and goods by air

Official web-site


II. “Uzbekistan Airways” Joint-Stock Company’s  
Supervisory Board Main Tasks

Main regulatory documents

·     Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan  
dated May 6, 2014 No. ЗРУ-370  
“On Amendments and Additions to the Law  
of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Joint-Stock Companies and Protection of Shareholders’ Rights”” (available at https://lex.uz/docs/2382411)

·     Charter of “Uzbekistan Airways” Joint-Stock Company.

Scope of Competence  
of the Supervisory Board (hereinafter referred  
to as the “Board”)

The competences of the Board of “Uzbekistan Airways” Joint-Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as the “JSC”) include:

·     determining JSC’s priority activities;

·     organising the establishment  
of property’s market value;

·     approval of JSC’s annual business plans;

·     establishing internal audit department and appointing its employees, as well as hearing its reports on quarterly basis;

·     having access to documents  
(in accordance with established procedures) related to the activities of JSC’s executive body and obtaining those documents  
for the performance of the duties assigned  
to the Board;

·     if necessary, involving independent organisation under bidding process to assess the JSC’s corporate governance system;

·     monitoring achievement of goals outlined in the JSC’s business plan;

·     exercising control over  
implementation of the Corporate Governance Code;

·     giving recommendations on the amount of remuneration and compensation paid  
to the members of JSC’s Audit Commission;

·     giving recommendations on the amount of dividends, their form and order of payment;

·     using JSC’s reserve fund and other funds;

·     establishing JSC’s companies, organizations and institutions of any organisational and legal form, as well as branches and opening of representative offices;

·     establishing subsidiaries and dependent business companies;

·     making decisions to enter transactions  
in cases stipulated under sections 8 and 9  
of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan  
“On Joint-Stock Companies and Protection  
of Shareholders’ Rights”;

·     entering into transactions (in order prescribed by the law) related to the JSC’s participation in commercial and non-commercial organisations;

·     performing other functions  
in accordance with the law.

III. Requirements for Candidates to be Included in “Uzbekistan Airways” Joint-Stock Company’s Supervisory Board

Educational Requirements

Higher education, namely bachelor’s  
or master’s degree in the field:

·     finance and economics;

·     organisation of air transportation, transport logistics, air transport systems, etc.

Doctors of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Doctors  
of Science (Sc.D., D.Sc., S.D. or Dr.Sc.)  
are welcome and will be obligatory taken into account during the interview.

Work Experience Requirements

At least 15 years of work in transport companies (work experience in aviation companies is welcome) in accordance  
with the areas of the applicant’s required education, including 7 years (at least)  
in managerial positions.

Language Skills

·     Russian and/or English (professional level);

·     Uzbek (welcomed).

IV. Terms of payment

Salary is determined after having an interview.

V. Application procedure

To apply to this RFP, a Candidate shall send his/her CV in Russian and/or English for the attention of the Chairman of the Board of “Uzbekistan Airways” Joint-Stock Company, Mr. Bakhtiyor KHAKIMOV, by e-mail office.nac@uzairways.com by March 20, 2021.

After the application submission deadline, members of Supervisory Board of “Uzbekistan Airways” Joint-Stock Company will review the documents
of candidates on the basis of a selection commission and submitting the results to the General Shareholders’ Meeting for the final approval.

Candidate selection procedure is conducted through the interview (either a face to face interview or a video conference interview).

Additional information on vacancies can be obtained by phone:

+99897 765-87-28 (Telegram, WhatsApp), e-mail: Aziz.Safiullin@uzairways.com (Aziz);

+998 97 718-88-88 (Telegram, WhatsApp), e-mail: ilyos.omarov@uzairways.com (Ilyos).

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