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Information on the entry to the Russian Federation

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Currently there are frequent cases of refusal to entry into the territory of the Russian Federation to HY passengers, citizens of the Republic of Armenia with non biometric passports by the reasons of no records to entry or expire of validation.

According to the data set forth in the «Timatic», it is informed that usual, non biometric passports issued to citizens of Armenia should have necessary records, pointing to the passport validity and the time of stay abroad.

To avoid penalties by the Russian Border Guard Service agencies should:

  • While issuing ticket and check-in passengers on HY flights at the airports of Uzbekistan Republic Armenia citizens should be checked general biometric and non biometric passports on records to entrance abroad.
  • In the case of absence of valid data in the passports of citizens of the Republic of Armenia abroad, the passengers should be refused on issuing air tickets and acceptance on HY flights.