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Valuable cargo


What is «valuable cargo»?

Valuable cargo – it is type of cargo value of which is declared for shipping in the amount of USD 1000 (or its equivalent) or more per kilogram and contains,

in general, the following items:

− gold bars (including processed and unprocessed gold) in the form of a bar, gold coins and gold in the form of sand, sheet, foil, powder, sponge, wire, rod, tube, ring, and casting;

− platinum, platinum metals (palladium, iridium, ruthenium, osmium and rhodium) and platinum alloys in the form of sand, plate, sponge, bar, sheet, rod, wire, tube and tape (but excluding radioactive isotopes of the above metals and alloys to be transported according to the dangerous goods regulations);

− banknotes, traveler's checks, insurance policies, shares, stock certificates, stamps and usable bank and/or credit cards;

− antique works of art;

− diamonds (including diamonds for industrial use), rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals and natural pearls (including artificially grown pearls);

− jewelry and watches consisting of the items listed above;

− items made of gold and / or platinum, excluding articles having only a coating of silver and / or gold and / or platinum.

Valuable cargo acceptance.

When accepting valuable cargo for transportation it is necessary to pre-arrange with the shipper and the consignee all the formalities in order

to reduce the time spent and stored at the departure and destination points. The reception and delivery times must be planned and carried out during the established working hours, excluding weekends and holidays, and non-working hours, unless special security measures are taken.

Detailed information about the value, description of the content, the route of transportation and storage of valuable cargo should be confidential.

The personnel directly involved in cargo handling should be able to access only the information necessary for processing valuable cargo.

Marking and labeling.

When making transportation documents for a valuable cargo, the following requirements must be met:

− the air waybill must contain an accurate description of the contents of the cargo and the special processing code "VAL" in the column "Nature and Quantity of Goods", extremely accurate data on the weight and size of the package must be indicated;

− the special processing code "VAL" is entered in the "Owner/Operator" column of the cargo manifest;

− information about the valuable cargo should be included in the NOTOC (Special Load Notification to Captain).

Declared Value Charge.

Declared value for carriage – is the value of cargo or baggage declared to the carrier by the shipper or passenger to determine the amount of fees for the carriage of such cargo/baggage and to establish the limit of the carrier's liability for its loss, damage or delay.

When accepting cargo with declared value for carriage, a fee for the declared value (Valuation Charges) is charged, equal to 0.5% of the amount

by which the declared value exceeds the standard limit of liability of the carrier, equal to 17 SDR or their equivalent.

Example of calculating the amount of the fee for the declared value:

Declared value for carriage (DVC) is 10 000 USD;

Gross weight is 10 kg.

  • for convenience, 17SDR is 26 USD, then the limit of the carrier's liability for this cargo shipment is equal to:

10 kg х 17 SDR = 10 kg х 26 USD = 260 USD

  • amount exceeding the carrier's liability:

10 000 USD – 260 USD = 9 740 USD;

  • amount of the fee for the declared value in this case is equal to:

0,5% from 9 740 USD = 48,70 USD

The packaging of a valuable cargo must meet the following requirements:

− all packages must be securely closed and the contents tightly packed;

− the cargo must be packed in such a way that the contents cannot be willfully replaced or removed without clearly visible traces of this;

− each package must be weighed, the resulting weight must be checked against the documents, all packages must be carefully checked for any defect;

− each package with a valuable cargo must be sealed;

− packages should not have labels or tags that draw attention to the nature of their contents.

For all questions related to valuable cargo, please contact the following phone numbers:

JSC “Uzbekistan Airways” Cargo Department:


E-mail: cargo@uzairways.com

In case of detection, complete or partial loss of valuable cargo, or if traces of unauthorized interference are detected, appropriate actions should be taken immediately to search, detect and officially register the incident.