A tender for the purchase of rescue equipment for the Boeing 787

14 May 2019

The national airline Uzbekistan Airways announces a tender for the purchase of rescue equipment for the Boeing 787 (03.04.05 + 06) aircraft of Uzbekistan Airways:

Composition and quality requirements:


Product description



Baby seat belts

• Children's belt should fit children:

Width: 22 to 44 pounds

Height: up to 40 inches

• The containment system must be of good quality.

• Approved by the Federal Aviation Administration

40 ea


Wheelchairs for air passengers

• Chair parameters in unfolded:

Length: (+/-) 760 mm / 29.9 pounds

Height: (+/-) 1035 mm / 40.75 pounds


(+/-) 385 mm /15.15 pounds

(+/-) 345 mm /13.58 pounds

(+/-) 375 mm /14.76 lbs

Maximum weight: (+/-) 14,5kg /31.9 pounds

• Parameters of the chair in a folded:

Length: (+/-) 890 mm / 35.04 pounds

Height: (+/-) 385 mm / 15.15 pounds

Width: (+/-) 270 mm / 10.63 pounds

• Vinyl coating

• Pocket on the back of the seat for magazines and newspapers

• Shoulder, leg and hip belt with velcro-type at the end

• 360° swivel castors

• Foot brake on both rear wheels

• Durable stainless steel chassis

On-board wheelchairs must include footrests, armrests which are

movable or removable, adequate occupant restraint systems, a backrest height

that permits assistance to passengers in transferring,

structurally sound handles for maneuvering the occupied chair, and wheel

locks or another adequate means to prevent chair movement during transfer or


4 ea


Baby bassinet complete with carrying bag for transporting children in the plane

• Parameters of the baby bassinet in unfolded:

Length: (+/-) 752 mm / 29.6 inches

Width: (+/-) 342 mm / 13.5 inches

Height: (+/-) 226 mm / 8.9 inches

Maximum weight: (+/-) 5 kg / 11 pounds

Load limit: (+/-) 11.0 kg / 24.3 lb

• Parameters of a baby bassinet in a folded:

Packed in a carry bag

Length: 767 mm, 30.2 inches

Width: 397 mm, 15.6 inches

Height: 127 mm 5 inches

16 ea

Goods must be new, not previously used.

You have to provide a choice of colors.

Scope: Ensuring the comfort and safety movement of air passengers during Uzbekistan Airways flights.

Payment terms: within 45 banking days upon delivery of goods to Tashkent (Republic of Uzbekistan)

Goods delivery terms: DAP or CIP - Tashkent, Tashkent International Airport named Islam Karimov, Uzaviatexsnab MSD; FCA airport sender, according to INCOTERMS-2010.

Packaging of shipment ready Goods must comply with Export packaging terms, technical requirements of manufacturing factory and comply with nature of Goods, also packaging must guarantee safety of Goods during transportation period, particularly by different type of transportation, providing due handling of the Goods.

Terms of delivery of goods: within 30 calendar days from the date of signing the contract and registration in the prescribed manner.

Firms and organizations that specialize in the production and supply of a specified type of product, or have an existing agreement with manufacturers for its sale and supply, can take part in the competition.

Restriction for participation in Bids:

1. Offers must be submitted by Legal entities (Participants) established as per legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan or in accordance with legislation of other countries.

2. Participant must NOT be bankrupt, in process of liquidation or reorganization, or insolvent. Also, in relation to the Participant no claims for insolvency (bankruptcy) must be declared. Company whose property is seized for any reason and (or) business activity that has been stopped cannot participate in Bids.

Bid offers are accepted at:

Address: Republic of Uzbekistan, GSP, 100167, Tashkent, Tashkent International Airport named after Islam Karimov, «Uzaviatexsnab» MSD

To whom: Director of «Uzaviatexsnab» MSD Mr. Alimkhodjayev R. D.

Phone/Fax: (+998 71) 254-85-92, 255-35-24, 254-26-87

E-mail: Raisa.Batkaeva@uzairways.com, uzblog@uzairways.com

For additional information for participants, please contact: +998 93516-14-20, +99871254-85-92,

e-mail: Raisa.Batkaeva@uzairways.com, uzblog@uzairways.com

Bid offer submission deadline: until 31.05.2019 10-00 HOURS Tashkent time.