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“Uzbekistan Airways” JSC announces a competition to select an Audit Organization to conduct the pre-audit and IOSA audit in 2021/2022

17 August 2021

“Uzbekistan Airways” Joint-Stock Company is interested in receiving of your proposal about renewal IOSA audit conducting. We will be grateful to you for providing the following information:

  1. The location of headquarter and experience;
  2. The number of certified auditors in Audit Team;
  3. Audit Organization accreditation as an IATA Endorsed Training Organization (ETO);
  4. The number of Russian speaking auditors, who will be involved in the IPV and IOSA audit process;
  5. The number of conducted IOSA audits in CIS countries;
  6. The cost of IOSA Preparation Visit (IPV) and IOSA audit;
  7. Terms of payment;
  8. The possibility of conducting IPV and IOSA audit online;
  9. Possible dates for conducting IPV and IOSA audit;
  10. Point of departure for IOSA auditors, who will conduct IPV and IOSA audit;
  11. The responsibilities for air travel, visas, hotel accommodation and meal expenses for auditors;
  12. The location (city) and dates for Flight Simulator Assessment (Flight Simulator Assessment for «Uzbekistan Airways» flight crew is performed in Tashkent and Istanbul);
  13. Flight expenses of the auditor to the place of FLT SIM Observation;
  14. Training courses provided by the Audit Organization;
  15. The cost of an additional day for actions after the audit, in case of need.

The additional information about our company is available on our official website www.uzairways.com

E-mail: Irina.Protsenko@uzairways.com

“Uzbekistan Airways” Joint-Stock Company would be glad to cooperate with you. The detailed proposals will be accepted till 17:00 on the 25th of August, 2021.