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Purchase of packings for Boeing 767 и Airbus A320

12 July 2021

JSC «Uzbekistan Airways» announces a competition for the purchase of packings for regular, additional and severe forms of maintenance on the aircraft B767/787 and A320.

Competition subject: the purchasing of packings for regular, additional and severe forms of maintenance on the aircraft B767/787 and A320.

Technical information:

PACKING 69494J178 - 50 EA

PACKING J1441P131 - 50 EA

PACKING J1438P016 or LR26393-016 - 50 EA

PACKING J1438P153 or LR26393-153 - 50 EA

PACKING J1438P151 - 50 EA

PACKING J1438P149 - 50 EA

PACKING 69494J250 - 50 EA

PACKING J1438P163 - 50 EA

PACKING 69494J258 - 50 EA

PACKING J1438P141 - 50 EA

PACKING 69494J354 - 50 EA

PACKING J1438P138 - 50 EA

PACKING 69494J369 - 50 EA

PACKING J1438P134 - 50 EA

PACKING 69494J371 - 50 EA

PACKING J1438P133 - 50 EA

PACKING 69494J383 - 50 EA

PACKING J1438P132 - 50 EA

PACKING 69494J384 - 50 EA

PACKING J1438P128 - 50 EA

PACKING 69494U910 - 50 EA

PACKING J1438P120 - 50 EA

PACKING J1438P166 - 50 EA

The above parts must be certified EASA Form 1 or FAA Form 8130-3.

Delivery terms: FCA - Airport London, New York, Frankfurt or any other airport according to the flight schedule of Uzbekistan Airways JSC.

Consignee address:

The Republic of Uzbekistan,

100060, Tashkent,

Procurement department

JSC "Uzbekistan airways".

Terms of payment: 100% payment within 20 banking days upon delivery of the goods.

Currency of payment - US dollars.

Foreign and domestic firms and organizations eligible to carry out this activity may take part in the competition.

Quotations are accepted at:

Where: Republic of Uzbekistan, 100167, Tashkent, Tashkent International Airport named after Islam Karimov, Procurement Department of Uzbekistan Airways JSC.

To: Director of the Purchasing Department, Mr. Alimkhodjaev R.D.

Phone / Fax: (+998 71) 254-85-92

E-mail: Javokhir.nazarov@uzairways.com, uzblog@uzairways.com

Additional information for the contest participants can be obtained by the following details: +99871 254-85-92, e-mail: Javokhir.nazarov@uzairways.com

The deadline for accepting quotations: July 22 2021. 12-00 PM (Tashkent time).

Please attach certificates and licenses giving the right to operate to the quotation.