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09 Nov 2018

Payment for Uzbekistan Airways' air tickets by MasterCard

The existing methods of paying online for the flights of Uzbekistan Airways through the airline's website were supplemented by the option to pay through the MasterCard payment system. Previously, this feature was only available through the UzCard and VISA payment systems. You can purchase the tickets of Uzbekistan Airways via the site In addition, there is an option to pre-select and book the seats in the aircraft cabins of the airline online, which is available on both paid and free basis.  

17 Oct 2019

Information message!

Aircraft of Uzbekistan Airways flying HY-633 from Tashkent to St. Petersburg was forced to make an emergency landing at the airport of Kazan due to the deteriorating health of one of the passengers. The plane has now flown to the destination airport. Arrival in St. Petersburg is expected at 13:40 local time.
15 Oct 2019

A new charter flight is being launched

Tashkent - Istanbul (Sabihi Gokcen International Airport) - Tashkent Aircraft: A320neo, B757, B767 Flight number: HY 3529/3530 Every Wednesday from 30 October 2019 Departure time from Tashkent: 09.00. Departure time from Istanbul: 14.00 Luggage: 35 kg from Istanbul to Tashkent. One way ticket price: from $260 Opportunity to buy additional luggage at low prices On cooperation between agents and ticket sales: 7120177777 (multichannel) and at
15 Oct 2019

Civil aviation pilots started to be trained in Uzbekistan

The first group of young people is studying the profession of civil aviation pilot at the Aviation Training Center of Uzbekistan Airways. It is well known that throughout its history, the national air carrier of Uzbekistan has carried out initial training of pilots in foreign flight schools. However, by 2016, the specialists of the Airline's Training Center, with the support of the flight inspectorate staff of the State Aviation Supervision Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan, taking into account the international and own experience of training, were able to develop a unique concept for the initial training of pilots on their base, without the involvement of foreign educational institutions and specialists. In 2017, the new concept was comprehensively studied by a joint working group of ministries and agencies on behalf of the head of our state, which helped the aviators to prepare a relevant government decree and ensure the beginning of its implementation. The competitive selection of candidates for pilot training was held in parallel with the process of reorganization of Uzbekistan Airways into a modern air transport company in the form of Uzbekistan Airways Joint Stock Company and transformation of the State Unitary Enterprise "O‘quv Mashq Markazi" (Training Center of NAC) into a limited liability company "Aviation Training Center". Out of almost 200 candidates who are graduates of higher educational institutions of technical profile, only 5 candidates were able to prove their compliance with high requirements on physical and mental health, knowledge of foreign languages and exact sciences. This is less than the airline's current demand for pilots, so starting from the end of this year, the competitive selection process will continue and be conducted on a permanent basis. In order to meet the growing needs, the Training and Education Centre plans to train at least 25-30 civil pilots per year. Currently, the first group of participants of the initial training courses for pilots is actively and successfully mastering aviation disciplines in 3 main areas: aviation law, aeronautics theory, design of the aircraft, its systems and engines. Upon completion of the theoretical module, next summer they will start training and flight modules, where modern virtual and full-featured simulators will be used, as well as the most modern ultra-light training aircraft, which in the aviation world are called "flying desks". By the end of 2021, the first pilots of civil aviation to have undergone training in Uzbekistan, on the basis of the Training Center of the domestic airline, will become members of the flight staff of Uzbekistan Airways.
11 Oct 2019

"Uzbekistan Airways”: developing tourism

On October 10, 2019 at the Consulate General of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Saint-Petersburg there was held a meeting of the Consul of the Republic of Uzbekistan Zafar Abdurakhmanov with representatives of Uzbekistan Airways and AeroTour, the general sales agent of the NAC. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss further plans for close cooperation in the development of tourism in Uzbekistan, promotion of its tourism potential in the region and increase the tourist flow to our country. The Consul highly appreciated the work of the national air carrier of Uzbekistan and the Russian tour operator to popularize the Uzbek tourist destination and attract tourist flow to our country, expressed gratitude to the representative of "Uzbekistan Airways" in St. Petersburg Zafar Saydazimov and Director General of "AeroTour" Nadezhda Koshnenkova for her contribution to the organization and participation in events aimed at strengthening international relations between the two countries, and handed over letters of gratitude to the Consulate General.
09 Oct 2019

"Uzbekistan Airways”- participant of TTG ITALIA RIMINI 2019

From 9 to 11 October the 56th International Tourism Fair TTG ITALIA RIMINI 2019 takes place in Rimini. "Uzbekistan Airways" presents at this major event of the tourism industry in Italy the tourism potential of Uzbekistan and a full range of services in the field of air transportation. Today, the fair included a presentation of the tourism potential of our country, as well as a session of Associate Professor of the University of Milan, journalist Marco Cattaneo on the topic of "Temurid Empire". During the three-day TTG ITALIA RIMINI 2019, guests and participants will be able to get detailed information about the tourist destinations of Uzbekistan and the possibilities of Uzbekistan Airways, familiarize themselves with the airline's flight schedule during the autumn-winter navigation and aircraft fleet, as well as its plans to expand its flight network. It should be noted that as a result of participation of Uzbekistan Airways at the previous fairs a number of agreements were signed with leading tour operators of Italy, such as Francorosso, Viaggi del Elefante, Altreculture, Alpitour, Colombia Turismo, Mistral and others. To date, these companies are leaders in sending tourist groups from Italy to Uzbekistan by Uzbekistan Airways flights. According to statistics, this year the growth of tourist flow from Italy to our country has amounted to more than 30%. Taking into account that TTG ITALIA RIMINI is a unique platform on which more than 2,500 companies from all over the world annually present their services in the sphere of tourism, as well as the potential of the Italian tourism market and the interest of its residents in Uzbekistan, participation in this international exhibition is a great opportunity to present the services of "Uzbekistan Airways" and popularize the Uzbek tourism destination in the region, which will contribute to increasing the tourist flow from Italy and increase the intensity of visits to our country by Italian citizens. Uzbekistan Airways operates regular passenger flights to Milan and Rome twice a week: to Milan on Fridays and Sundays, to Rome on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  
03 Oct 2019

Excursion tour for bloggers from the Kingdom of Thailand

On October 3, a group of bloggers from the Kingdom of Thailand's PR company arrived in Tashkent on a HY-534 flight from Bangkok. Representatives of the National Airline, the capital's air harbor and mass media greeted the guests at the International airport "Tashkent" named after I. Karimov. Over the past half century, tourism has become one of the fastest growing and most important sectors of the economy in the world. Uzbekistan is the heart of Central Asia and an important strategic country located on the Great Silk Road and possessing great tourism potential. And the state policy in the field of tourism is aimed at transforming the tourism industry into a strategic sector of the national economy. National air carrier Uzbekistan Airways makes its significant contribution to the development of this sector. The airline is actively engaged in activities aimed at promoting domestic tourism and attracting foreign tourists to our country. New routes are being opened, the number of flights to international and domestic destinations is increasing, and direct flights from foreign countries to the historical cities of our country are being introduced in the tourist season. Attractive tours to Uzbekistan are being developed jointly with tour operators, group tariffs are being offered and a flexible discount system is being applied. The next project of the NAC "Uzbekistan Airways" organized by the "Uzbekistan Airways" representative office in Bangkok in cooperation with the travel agency "Dolores Tour" has become a kind of study tour for the residents of the Kingdom of Thailand in our country. A team of bloggers from the PR company of this Kingdom arrived in Tashkent today to make a kind of pilgrimage tour on the heritage of Buddhism and get acquainted with the historical cities of Uzbekistan. From 3rd to 9th October, the working team of Thailand is waiting for a tour around the sights of the cities of our republic. Guests will travel to Termez, where they will visit the oldest architectural monuments of the era of the Kushan Empire: Buddhist monastery complex Kara-Tepe, located on the bank of the Amu Darya River, and Buddhist temple complex Fayaz-Tepe near the old Termez, dating back to the 1st-3rd centuries B.C., which is considered the first cult Buddhist building, as well as the cult Buddhist construction - the Buddhist stupa Zurmala near Old Termez, which is the first Buddhist construction discovered in Central Asia and one of the oldest Buddhist symbols rising to the mounds, will be met by a colorful sunset in the village of Baysun. Bloggers will also visit the sights of Samarkand, Bukhara, Tashkent and mountain resorts in Uzbekistan - Chimgan, Beldersay, Archazor and Charvak Lake. Today, Uzbekistan Airways has a modern fleet of aircrafts. All the airline's flights are performed on the aircraft of the world's leading manufacturers - "Airbus" and "Boeing": Boeing 757/767, Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, Airbus A320Neo, as well as cargo Boeing 767-300BCF. Modern and comfortable airliners "Uzbekistan Airways" fly to more than 60 routes to Europe, Asia and America, perform charter flights from Alaska to New Zealand. And this project, aimed at promoting the tourist potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan and services of Uzbekistan Airways, will undoubtedly contribute to the increase of tourist flow to our country and the development of the line of pilgrimage tourism. Today the guests, after all the procedures in the arrival hall of “Tashkent” airport have been completed, will go to the local airline terminal for check-in for the flight HY-65 of Tashkent-Termez by direct transfer. Facebook:
24 Sep 2019

The first C-check on Boeing-787 Dreamliner performed in Tashkent

Experts working with Uzbekistan Airways Technics (UAT) successfully completed C-check maintenance work on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner wide-body aircraft of Uzbekistan Airways. This form of maintenance is one of the most difficult types of checks for all systems, equipment and aircraft structure. And therefore, special attention was paid to be prepared for its implementation. The UAT engineering and logistics services were involved in the work, as they spent six months to make assessment, analysis, planning, distribution of upcoming work and deliver all necessary spare parts. Necessary ground equipment was also manufactured, specialized parking for the aircraft with racks and quick-access warehouses was prepared, special tools and control and testing equipment were purchased. As a result of such thorough preparation, the C-check was carried out in the shortest possible time at a high level. All relevant checks, improvements to service bulletins and airworthiness directives have been carried out. Engines, landing gear, wing mechanization, control systems, hydro and electric, oxygen and fire systems have been serviced, as well as software was updated for aircraft systems. In addition, the carpet was completely updated, the seat covers of the passenger compartment were made and replaced, and the aircraft was partially restored. It should be noted that Uzbekistan Airways Technics (UAT) is one of the leading centers for maintenance and repair of aircraft in the former USSR and it has certificates from the aviation authorities of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Europe (EASA) and Bermuda (BCAA). Maintenance and repair (MRO) of such aircraft as the Boeing 757/767/787, Airbus 300/310/318/319/320/321 and their components is carried out in the UAT modern workshop, where Boeing 737 MRO is currently being completed.
20 Sep 2019

Presentation in St. Petersburg

On September 18, 2019, the presentation of the touristic potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the services of the Uzbekistan Airways was held in the northern capital of the Russian Federation. The event, organized by the Representative Office of Uzbekistan Airways in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, together with the general agent for the sale of air travel company AeroTur, was attended by representatives of major local travel companies and the North-West Federal District. During the presentation of the rich tourism potential of our republic and the wide capabilities of the National Airline in the field of transportation, it was noted that the tourist flow from Russia to Uzbekistan during the spring-summer of 2019 increased by 30%, and this is an indicator of the increased interest of Russian guests in our country, and  also the stable operation of the national air carrier. The participants were presented with new winter season and further plans for the development of the Uzbekistan Airways flight network both to our republic and along transit routes. Undoubtedly, such events contribute not only to the development of business relations and tourism between the countries, but also serve to promote the Uzbek tourist destination and NAC services in this region.
19 Sep 2019

Uzbekistan Airways to launch direct flights to Germany

Uzbekistan Airways announces the opening of the sale of air tickets for flights to Munich in connection with the introduction of a new regular route Tashkent-Munich-Tashkent from September 19, 2019. The price of an economy class return air ticket for Uzbekistan Airways’ flights on the route Tashkent –Munich – Tashkent comes to EUR 520+. Flights on this route will be operated from April 1, 2020 on Wednesdays and Sundays. Recall that at present, Uzbekistan Airways carries out regular flights to one of the largest economic centers in Germany, the city of Frankfurt with a frequency of three times a week on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
27 Aug 2019

Direct flights to Phuket!

Uzbekistan Airways is pleased to announce the implementation of direct flights to Phuket (Thailand) in the winter. Flights will be operated from December 14 of the current year to January 25, 2020.  with a frequency of one time per week according to the following traffic schedule (local time): Saturday: HY-535 Tashkent 21:00 - Phuket 05:30 (Sunday) Sunday: HY-536 Phuket 07:05 - Tashkent 11:45 The sale of air tickets for flights Tashkent - Phuket - Tashkent began on August 27.  You can book and purchase tickets on the official website of the airline or at the NAC airline ticket sales offices.