International airport "Termez"

Termez city is an administrative center of Surkhan-Darya district. It is situated in the South of Uzbekistan. The area of Surkhan-Darya is 20.1 thousand km. square with the population about 2 mln. people, 140 thousand of which live in Termez. Climate of the district is continental with hot and long summer and cold and short winter.

Sightseeing places of Surkhan-Darya district are:

-          Architectural mausoleum “Khakim-at-Termizi” (XII-XV centuries);

-          Memorial complex “Sultan Saodat” (XIII-XVIII centuries);

-          Memorial complex “Kirk-kiz”;

-          Buddhist temple complex “Fayoztepa”.

Modern Termez is the Southern gate of the country. During the period of time after achievement of Independence Termez became more beautiful and modern. Its streets and roads became wider, there were built many huge houses in Asian style, markets, parks, sport complexes, educational and cultural centers were reconstructed. Nowadays, more and more tourists interested in its beauty and its ancient history visit Termez.

State Unitary Enterprise “International airport Termez” is a structural subdivision of National Air Company “Uzbekiston havo yullari” and is the full participant of air services market. The airport of Termez city is open for the international flights according to resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan #263 from 23 of September, 2013 y.

Within the Program of development of tourism in the Surkhan-Darya district for 2013-2015, at the airport it is step by step realized the provided actions for infrastructure improvement and creating favorable conditions for tourists.

Strategic objective of the airport - expansion and strengthening of the positions in the sphere of air transportation, by execution of the assumed obligations in compliance with the requirement of the international standards in the field of civil aviation.

For expeditious service of passengers the system of sale of electronic tickets and registration of passengers in global system of “SDCS” is introduced.

Safety of flights - an integral part of production process in the airport. According to requirements of International Civil Aviation Organization and for acceptance of the correcting corrective measures influencing safety of flights, at the airport the control system of safety of flights is introduced.

The staff of the airport in the work is guided by policy in the field of the quality, providing the following requirements:

-          continuously to improve productions;

-          to increase quality of rendered services, on the basis of a constant assessment of satisfaction of air passengers and air carriers;

-          to provide high level of safety of flights;

-          to introduce the quality management system conforming to requirements of the international standards in all fields of activity of the airport;

-          to create favorable working conditions for professional development of the personnel;

-          to develop and realize the actions promoting environment protection, for decrease in risks of causing ecological damage to the region.

The airport provides level of demanded fire protection on the eighth category. Existing modern means of a radar-location, radio navigation and communication allow to provide flights at any time practically under any weather conditions.

Meteorological service of flights is conducted round the clock. Supervision over the actual weather is carried out by means of complex radio engineering airfield meteorological station KRAMS, produced in Germany. The applied light-signal equipment of “OVI I LUCEBIT ensures safety of flights under any meteoconditions.

The number of the priority infrastructure projects directed on improvement of quality of service of passengers and freight are:

-          reconstruction and expansion of waiting hall, modernization of system of customs control of air terminal complex;

-          capital repairs of the taxiways and places for parking for aircrafts;

-          updating of park of special equipment for aircraft service;

The airport has "The quality management system certificate of conformity", conforming to the ISO 9001:2008 international standard which annually confirms, expanding area of its application.

Schedule of citizens reception:

Director of International airport "Termez" - Rajapov Bektosh Guzarovich

From monday to friday 08:00 - 11:00.