International airport "Navoi"

«Navoi» International Airport is one of the fastest developing airports in Central Asia. It constantly improves the new standards of production efficiency.


  • "Navoi" International Airport was opened in 1962 as an airfield "Navoi". Today it ensures reception and release of all types of aircraft operated by the National Air Company of Uzbekistan.
  • Crossroads of rail, road and air transportation routes.

Industry and resources

  • Proximity to a steadily growing Free Industrial Economic Zone (FIEZ);
  • Qualified and competitive workforce.

Significant opportunities

  • Compliance with international standards of apron, as well as loading and unloading services;
  • Management and support from the National Air Company "Uzbekistan Airways".

The «Navoi» International Airport is the center of the intersection of transport routes - air, railway, road, which allows customers to offer a wide geography of transportation.

The active implementation of the project to create the Navoi Free Economic Zone (FEZ) underscores the great potential of air transportation through the «Navoi» International Airport for the long term. International Intermodal Logistics Center (IILC) Navoi is the largest and so far the only high-tech air cargo complex in Central Asia.

Currently, regular cargo air service connects Navoi air harbor with the main nodes and logistics centers of Eurasia, including Seoul, Milan, Vienna, Zaragoza, Frankfurt, Delhi, Dubai, Istanbul, Dhaka and Bishkek. In the future, the freight route network will undoubtedly expand, as this is one of the fundamental factors for the development of the Navoi IILC.

The cargo terminal opened here in 2010, as a freight forwarding unit in a logistics chain with a developed infrastructure, is able to cover the whole range of transport services for the receipt of goods, their temporary storage and shipment using various modes of transport. The advantageous location of the terminal for multimodal transportation - the location directly in front of the airport's freight apron, the availability of convenient access roads and parking for heavy vehicles, the connection with the railway transport - significantly reduces the work on the intermediate delivery of goods.

Processing, customs clearance of export and import cargo is carried out on the territory of the cargo terminal in a round-the-clock mode and in accordance with the current customs legislation, which allows working in the system of international freight transportation cooperation.

Owing to the use of world-class technologies, the terminal is able to store and process up to 300 tons of cargo per day


It is equipped with special storage rooms - refrigerating, freezing rooms, with a temperature regime from 2 to 8 ° C and -15 to -25 ° C and room for storing valuable goods, a quarantine room for animals and a room to maintain a warm temperature.

The terminal has broad opportunities for processing and storage of agricultural products, as well as for large, heavy, dangerous and other non-standard types of cargo, for export and import.

Through the international airport "Navoi", as one of the fastest growing airports in Central Asia, in 2016 37,099 tons of cargo were transported and processed, in 2017, - 33,628 tons, and until August 2018, 228 tons of agricultural products of the republic were transported for export.

Currently, the air cargo fleet of the National Air Company "Uzbekistan Airways" consists of two modern and efficient cargo aircrafts Boeing-767-300F carrying capacity up to 52 tons. Their regular operation allowed to expand the network of cargo routes and increase the volume of traffic through the Navoi IILC.

Nowadays, regular domestic and international passenger flights to the cities - Tashkent and Moscow (Domodedovo airport) are performed from the airport. Based on the generally accepted aviation standards, passengers are provided with the whole range of services that accompany air transportation: booking and selling tickets, check-in for a flight.

Schedule of citizen reception:

Acting Director of "Navoi" International Airport - Babayev Timur Igorevich.

Reception days: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 11:00.

Contact Information:

Address: Navoi city -210609, settlement Malik-Rabot

Contact telephones: (+99879) 539 3540.

Navoi airport’s confidential phone: +998 79 770 31 54