International airport "Namangan"

Namangan region is  located on the north of the golden Fergana Valley near the Chatkal and Kurama mountain systems. The region is bordered on the north and north-east - with Kyrgyzstan in the east and south- east - the Andijan region, in the south - with the Fergana region, in the south- west  the Republic of Tajikistan and the west - the Tashkent region.

Namangan region is widely known for its gardens. The area is also famous for its bekasam, satin, Chust knives, skullcaps, healing waters of sanatoria and resorts, in particular, the most popular resort in the town is Chortok.

It is on the territory of Namangan region formed the great river Syrdarya, which is one of the main water arteries of Central Asia.

Namangan region is very rich in various natural resources. The explored reserves of gold and diamonds in Kokonsoy and Pop areas. There are also large deposits of uranium, silver, aluminum, tungsten, iron, copper, granite, marble and others.

On the territory of Namangan region there are two big mountain tunnel that links the Fergana valley with the capital region and from other regions of the country.

Namangan region is one of the agro-industrial regions of Uzbekistan.

The total area of the region is 7.44 thousand, population 2178,2 thousand people

The gateway of Namangan city is the airport.

The main priority directions of activity of the enterprise always was and remains: maximum flight safety, creation of optimum comfort for passengers, personnel development and expansion of both domestic and international air transportation.

Now the SUE  Namangan International airport  IV class is a structural subdivision of NAC «Uzbekiston Havo Yullari», operates 24/7, is «substitute» to airport «Tashkent» and has the opportunity to receive «spare» the armed forces as our airline and the airlines of the CIS countries, and also can be used as an airport for technical landings.

Exploited types of aircraft: Il-76, B-767, B-757, B-737, А-310 and A-319, A-320, A-321 Tupolev Tu-214, Tu-154, Tu-134, RJ-85, Il-114, An-12, an-24, An-2, and others; helicopters of all types.

In accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of  the Republic of Uzbekistan decision № 263 on  23.09.2013  «About opening the Andijan, Namangan, Fergana, Karshi and Termez airports for international flights of aircraft», Namangan airport is assigned the status of  “International”.

The Namangan airport has implemented a quality management system which has been assessed and found to be in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. This year successfully passed Re-certification audit procedure. The new international quality certificate of Certification Association «Russian Register» is issued for a period of three years. Originally «Certificate of management system conformity» was received in 2010 year.

During the years of independence at the Namangan airport  held Reconstruction of the airport complex - it is part of a project to complete reconstruction of the Namangan airport.  In the near future it is the reconstruction of the aerodrome and lighting equipment.

Currently, from the Namangan airport  performs flights to the capital of our homeland - Tashkent, the capital of the Russian Federation - Moscow, the Northern capital - St. Petersburg, to the Centre of the Urals  Ekaterinburg, to the Western Siberia - Novosibirsk, and Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod and Chelyabinck.

Now in the Namangan airport  are serviced aircraft as the National carrier, and the Airline «Moscovia», Airline «Russia»Airlines «Vim-Avia» Airline «Ural airlines»Airline «Aviarux», as well as the BTA the Uzbek defense Ministry, operating scheduled and Charter flights.

Contracts for maintenance of the aircraft when landing on a «reserve» with the airline «Turkish Airlines» (Turkey), the Airline «Air Bishkek (Kyrgyz Republic), the Airline «Don-Avia» (Russia), and also with Company «UMS LLC (USA) to service  cargo aircraft.

After reconstruction Namangan airport provides a full range of ground handling of aircraft, passengers and cargo. In the new terminal building located halls departure and arrival passengers transit hall, ticket sale hall, currency exchange , post office , pharmacy , mother and child room , snack bar, bar .

Throughput of airport - 200 passengers per hour. For the year 2013 served more than 200 thousand  sent, transit and arriving passengers.

Airport engaged in international transport is included in the reservation system " Gabrielle ." Installed and operated automated program check- DCS. A modern system of issuing video via LCD monitors . A new system of sound to alert passengers . In order to ensure safety surveillance system implemented . Purchased new machinery and vehicles for aircraft maintenance.

To meet the demand of Fergana valley passengers since 2007 the program «Hajj» is executed to Saudi Arabia on direct flights on comfortable planes Boeing-757, 767 from Namangan to Medina and back from Jeddah to Namangan.

The airport is 12 km from the city centre, where cruising taxis.

Priority of Namangan airport  for the 2014 year is :

  • Ensuring and improving safety and security;
  • Improvement of all services of the airport;
  • Expansion of the geography of flights on aircraft NAC "Uzbekistan Airways" ;
  • Attracting CIS airlines to perform as scheduled flights , and performing technical landing;
  • Continue to improve the service in handling passengers and cargo customers , strengthen information and promotional activities ;
  • The continuation of work on the profitability of the airport;
  • The achievement of the quality objectives and the extension Certificate of Conformity of Quality Management System ;
  • Implementation of the projects planned for 2014.

Implementation of the tasks before the airport should significantly improve safety , as well as a positive impact on the commercial , economic and financial activities of The SUE Namangan International airport.

Address: 160117 Republic of Uzbekistan, Namangan airport
Tel / fax : (998 71) 150 14 94 ,
Information center : (998 69) 232 28 90