Changeover of Domodedovo airport to Vnukovo – tickets refund free of charge

Dear passengers of the flights of Uzbekistan Airways to Moscow or back!

In case of any inconvenience caused by the changeover of the Domodedovo to the Vnukovo airport in Moscow, Uzbekistan Airways provides you with an opportunity to refund the flights from Uzbekistan to Moscow and back with the date of departure on October 28 and later without paying additional charges for the refund. This rule applies to the entire validity of the ticket, the destination of which is specified as Domodedovo airport.

Ticket refund:

  • It is possible to refund the ticket at the place of purchase.
  • The refund of tickets purchased online is carried out through the service on which the ticket was purchased in the prescribed manner.

For any questions regarding the changeover to the Vnukovo airport please contact:

Tashkent: +998 78 140 02 00

Moscow: +74952988066


Uzbekistan Airways apologizes for any inconvenience caused. We hope for your understanding and further cooperation.