“Uzairnavigation” Center

The management of the “Uzaeronavigation” Center defined and provided the resources necessary for the execution of processes and the satisfaction of needs of the consumers, such as:

  • Human resources;
  • The necessary equipment and the software for the preparation and providing air navigation information on use of civil airfields and air space of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Corresponding office equipment, communication facilities and notifications;
  • Respective rooms, buildings and engineering, communication and office constructions;
  • Standard, help and other documentation and information resources.

In order to ensure the conformity of qualification of the personnel the Management of the Enterprise defined qualification requirements for the personnel, which will determine an appropriate level of the qualification of the personnel. The Management of the Enterprise arranges vocational training through training of the personnel. There are trained employees for carrying out internal audits of quality at the enterprise.

On the way of cooperation, modernization and safety

Today aviators are able to operate in the most difficult conditions, and the work of navigation services on the earth provides this ability. Air navigation reached such perfection that put aviation, as evidenced by the world statistics, on the highest level of security in the number of vehicles, having left far behind cars and the railway.

The main priorities in the work of any center of air navigation are considered to ensure the safety and regularity of air traffic, the provision of quality services in the field of air navigation services.

Specialists of the “Uzaeronavigation” Center keep abreast of time, they are well informed in all innovations and the changes happening in the world and relating to the scope of their activity. They participate in the international conferences, are members of The Coordination Council "Eurasia", members of the ICAO. The constant information exchange connects the Uzbek specialists with colleagues from many countries.

In July of this year in Gosavianadzor of the Republic of Uzbekistan was held the educational seminar of ICAO to implement a quality system in the Aeronautical Information Service (AIS). Lessons were given in accordance with the regional plan of ICAO in quality system introduction in the sphere of ensuring flights and the ICAO standards connected with transition from the Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) to the Management of Aeronautical Information (MAI).

Representatives of air navigation services and aviation administrations of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine took part in the work of a seminar. The Republic of Uzbekistan was represented by the specialists of the Aeronautical Information Service of the “Uzaeronavigation” Center, the Main inspection of NAC "Uzbekistan airways" and the Gosavianadzor of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Studies were carried out by the experts of the Regional bureau of ICAO, Eurocontrol and the firm “Dzhepessen”. Linguistic support was provided by specialists of the European bureau of ICAO and Department of external relations of State Corporation by ATC (Russia).

To the program of a seminar were included the questions of introduction of standards of the Appendix 15 to the Chicago convention " Aeronautical Information Service " and the ISO standards, questions of the complex organization of processes and procedures of processing of air navigation data in AIS. Were also discussed the initiatives of ICAO and Eurocontrol on improvement of quality of air navigation information, questions of quality of processing of statistical and dynamic data in AIS, quality questions during creation of air navigation maps, and also many others.

After the seminar, participants were given certificates of the European regional Bureau of ICAO allowing them to implement the introduction of the quality system not only in the aeronautical information services, but in the other services of ensuring flights.

In addition, implement a united, purposeful policy development and modernization of air traffic control (ATC) of the whole territory of Uzbekistan specialists of the Center « Uzaeronavigation » in 2010 continued to essential updating of means of objective control, display and air traffic control systems. Introduces automatic control system of the "АСК-РЛС" radar-tracking radar.

It’s not a secret for anybody that a tape recording of negotiations between the traffic controller, crew of the aircraft and other subscribers allows to carry out the collection of objective information about the actions of all participants. Besides, a tape recording is a legal basis for carrying out the analysis and analysis of the work both the separate traffic controller and the group as a whole.

The organization and carrying out control listening of a radio exchange the crew of the aircraft – the traffic controller and loud-speaking communication is carried out with a view for control of observance by crews of the aircraft, air traffic controller structure and specialists of flight services of requirements of normative documents in ensuring flights and ATS, the control of a condition of means of communication.

In the process of modernization of means of objective control in 2010 at the airports Namangan, Andizhan, Fergana, Karshi, Nukus, Tashkent-east, Sergeli and additional in Tashkent Center AS ATC were made a replacement of outdated tape recorders to new systems of multichannel automatic registration of information – digital tape recorders «СМАР-Т» of production of JSC “Пеленг” (Russia, St. Petersburg), having the International Aviation Committee (IAC) certificate.

This modern digital equipment gives the chance along with the record of sound information (phones, radio stations) write down and radar data ("crude video", primary and secondary radar stations, radio direction finders) that allows to performing analyses of action traffic control personnel and the crews of aircrafts, and also use the combined record when carrying out investigations of flight incidents.

Modernization of the ATC Centers in airports of the Republic of Uzbekistan is also carried out by the installation of a new modern display systems and air traffic control, which significantly increases the level of flight safety in air traffic control.

In ATC Centers of the airports Namangan, Termez, Karshi, Nukus on the aerodrome control centers of air traffic control in 2010 installed the automated workplaces of the dispatcher of ATC «Мастер» production of JSC “Пеленг” (Russia, St. Petersburg)

The automated workplace of the traffic controller of the ATC "Мастер", having the International Aviation Committee (IAC) certificate, is intended for display of radar, direction-finding, cartographical, meteorological, planned and reference information on workplaces of the airfield and regional traffic controller centers. Besides, it’s allows to monitor the safety of the approaching on the radiolocation information from the secondary surveillance of the aerodrome radio-locators. And in Tashkent Center AS ATC automated working place «Мастер» is also intended for the use as backup system «by-pass» equipment «Eurocat-200».

For achievement of due level of safety of flights and ensuring reliability and maintenance of operational readiness of radar-tracking systems at the expense of a constant assessment of quality of radiolocation information in the Tashkent Center AS ATC is installed and put into operation the automated monitoring system of radar tools of "АСК-РЛС" of production of JSC “Пеленг” (Russia, St. Petersburg) is installed and put into operation. The equipment "АСК-РЛС" allows automatically to define in real time tactical-technical characteristics of the radio locators and estimate parameters of the uniform radiolocation field covering air space of the Republic of Uzbekistan, for the purpose of definition of degree of the current readiness of controlled means to providing ATC and the timely prevention of the service personnel about the deterioration of their main characteristics.

In a product is automated the process of flight checks of the radar. The equipment "АСК-РЛС" is interfaced with the following sources of radar information: highway radar complex “Trac-2400/RSM-970”, airfield survey radio locator “Star-2000” of the airport Tashkent, giant-pulse secondary radio-locators “Крона” of the airports Tashkent, Nukus, Termez, Navoi. The products "АСК-РЛС" are installed in many ATC Centers and airports of the Russian Federation, in the CIS countries.

In one word, modernization of technical means allows the air navigation system of Uzbekistan correspond the basic requirements, standards and recommended practices of ICAO, and also successfully solve the most important task of the “Uzaeronavigation” Center - the implementation of the national obligations for ensuring air navigation service.

Schedule of citizens reception::

Ashurov A.X. - Director, Wednesday с 08.00 до 11.00.

Isabayev R.A. - Deputy Director, from Monday to Friday, 08.00 - 11.00.

Tarasov I.G. - Deputy Director, Monday - Tuesday, from 08.00 to 11.00.

Zaysev A.I. - Deputy Director, Thursday - Friday, from 08.00 to 11.00.