Press release

Press release

To the 28th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The civil aviation of Uzbekistan: the high status and responsibility

On 1 September, the people of Uzbekistan celebrate the 28th anniversary of their sovereignty. This is a historic date for all citizens of our republic. Over the years of independence, our country has achieved significant success in all spheres: economic, political, social, cultural and others. The country's civil aviation was no exception.

During the years of independence, much has changed in the civil aviation of Uzbekistan. The air fleet has been renovated, air harbors have been visibly transformed, and conditions have been created in them to provide quality services to passengers and aircraft. The airline has managed to expand its travel borders across all continents. Uzbekistan Airways" airliners fly more than 60 routes to Europe, Asia, America, perform charter flights from Alaska to New Zealand.

The necessary effective legal framework that meets international standards has been created. The fundamental document in the airline's activity was the Air Code, which regulates relations in the field of exploitation of the airspace of Uzbekistan and the activities of all its users. It defines the order of work of aviation on the territory of the republic, providing security, satisfying the needs of citizens and the national economy of the country.

The air traffic control system has been improved and modernized. New air navigation systems have been introduced to make flights safer and to increase the number of users of the Uzbek airspace.

Infrastructural projects on reconstruction of air terminals, runways, construction of terminals have been implemented, which allowed to bring all airports of the country in accordance with international standards of ICAO, to increase flight safety and quality of service.

Looking back on the path that Uzbekistan's civil aviation has undergone, it is pleasing to realize that the results achieved are, first and foremost, a deeply thought-out and well-thought-out policy of our state, safe and dignified life of our people, peace and stability in our land. And, undoubtedly, the most important and key event in its history was the Decree of the President of the country "On measures to cardinally improve civil aviation of the Republic of Uzbekistan" of November 27, 2018, which is aimed at cardinally improving the industry and its further development.

And today, civil aviation, being an important part of the country's economic sector, should correspond to the tasks set by the leadership of Uzbekistan. After all, modern airport infrastructure, safety, reliability and comfort of air transportation are part of the favorable business and investment climate created in the country, the key to reliable international cooperation, strengthening the sovereignty of the republic and forming its worthy image in the international community.

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